Regarding GWT

You must already know GWT if you learn Java2Script by “Java to JavaScript compiler”.

I seldom mentioned GWT in “Java2Script” topics in the past, except an article “GWT v.s. Java2Script SWT” in early days when GWT was announced.

But late these days, I think if I compare more details between GWT and Java2Script, it may help new developers to get further understanding of both GWT and Java2Script.

Here is a list of similarities for GWT and Java2Script:

  1. Java to JavaScript compiler
  2. Widget components (GWT v.s. SWT)
  3. Support RPC (GWT’s RPC v.s. Java2Script’s Simple RPC)
  4. Support Eclipse

I think later I will discuss more details (similarities and differences, advantages and disadvantages) on the above list.

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