Packing in Java2Script

Usually, when you develop new features, you split functions into pieces and implement them one by one. And in Java development, there will be implemented by one *.java file and another. If you want to deploy the finished feature, you need to pack them up.

In Java development, deployment means that you need to pack compiled *.class files and other related resource files into a *.jar and place it to correct location. There are lots of tools to do this job. Or if you are using IDE, such as Eclipse, the IDE will provide a whole development life management tools for you.

In JavaScript world, tools are rare. And for the loading speed and performance considerations, packing JavaScript and deploy them need your attentions.

Small *.js file should be packed into some bigger *.js file. But each *.js file should not be too big, or each time you update only one small *.js, you have to update a big *.js file. But *.js files should not be too many. Because *.js files are downloaded from servers in some specific orders, two many *.js files may be queued, which may mean a long latency. Lots of *.js compiled from *.java by Java2Script compiler is very small. In order to get a shorter loading time, most of these *.js files are packed into a big *.z.js file. Please check out the packing ant script. But packing *.js into a big *.z.js is not a simple job in Java2Script. As there is ClassLoader inside Java2Script system. The packed *.z.js file must be dealt correctly by ClassLoader. This issue is very complicate. And I would like to talk about it in another post.

Small size images can be packed into a bigger size one two. This is especially useful if there are icons for tool-bar. When a small icon needed, just display the big image with given position and size. This trick is a CSS tip. For example, create a DIV block with size 16×16, and set its style with some background image started from given position:

<div style="width:16px; height:16px; background-image:url(big.gif); background-position:16px 32px; background-repeat:no-repeat;"></div>

“background-position:16px 32px;” means the icon place at the 2nd row, the 3rd column. That is the image packing trick. Java2Script SWT implementation uses these tricks, you can check the Shell.css. In there, there are no absolute positions but relative positions, such as “center right”. This is because 9 icons are packed as 3×3 squares.

Small *.css can also be packed into a big *.css files too. But in practices of Java2Script packing, *.css files are packed into *.js files. All *.css files are only applied when necessary. For example, when a widget is loaded, the widget related *.css rules are applied to the page so that widget may be in correct style. For this trick, please check Java2Script CSS hacks.

And there are also some other packing tricks which I may introduce later. As packing is for deployment. And deployed resources are for loading. And loading will affect the whole object oriented inheritance simulator. And things are a whole integrated system.

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  1. hello Zhou Rengian! You said “The packed *.z.js file must be dealt correctly by ClassLoader. This issue is very complicate. And I would like to talk about it in another post.”

    hey … I really would like the same!!! 😉 (it would be great if you can detail this a little more. there exists an automated way of doing this?)


  2. Zhou Renjian says:

    @Sebastián Gurin
    Sorry for late reply.
    Wish I have time to talk about the details of loading packed *.z.js

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