What is Java2Script’s SimpleRPC

By using Java2Script’s SimpleRPC, there are no needs to know RPC (Remote Procedure Call) and no needs to know Java Servlet or J2EE! Only knowing developing Java desktop application is enough for developers. Here is magic.

Java2Script recommends writing applications in desktop ways. This means that all logics are developed in one container. But when you want to deploy the applications in a Browser/Server mode, you have to tear your applications into server logics and client logics. And to integrate logics between server and client, you need to transfer the datum, which you may be required to know how to wrap and unwrap data. This transformation and wrapping is the essence of RPC.

Java2Script also does the above wrapping for you, so you have no needs to know RPC wrapping. And Java2Script uses threads to simulate the remote J2EE server in local mode, so you can see no remote server and you can debug your logics smoothly as Eclipse JDT provide a very smoothly debugging experience for threads. As in normal J2EE server, each request is stateless. In such a way, Java2Script’s SimpleRPCRunnable instance (for Java local Thread) should be designed as a stateless instance.

In simple, Java2Script wraps and unwraps data between server (J2EE basing on Java) and client (Browser basing on JavaScript). And in local Java mode, Java threads are performing as J2EE server, which is much easier to be understood and to be debugged.

For more details about SimpleRPC, such as why not using Java’s RMI,? Java’s serializations, or JSON’s RPC, please keep tuned for the later articles.

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