Clarify Goal of Java2Script

Java2Script is not providing a JavaScript library for AJAX developers. Java2Script is providing tools to convert Java desktop applications into web applications.

By reading comments about Java2Script online, I found that someone treat Java2Script as a JavaScript library such as Prototype. In early stage of Java2Script development, “J2SClazz” is separated from Java2Script’s Class Inheritance Simulator to provide a better acceptance of Java2Script Pacemaker, but as later developer prove that “J2SClazz” is just too simple to prove the power of Java2Script technology, I did not update it afterwards.

You can write your JavaScript using “J2SClazz” library actually. But I don’t think it is convenient to do so. And if you also use Java2Script’s SWT library, you may find it very hard to use up all power of Java2Script. Only in Eclipse’s Java editor, you can create lots of anonymous event listeners (also anonymous inner class) for those UI components. And only in Eclipse, you can create a Dialog by dragging and dropping. If you write all your codes from scratch, you need lots of work. And you can not debug those JavaScript codes, which is always buggy!

I know that there are lots of differences between normal web applications and desktop applications. But developing desktop applications is a lot faster than web applications, there is no needs to care about HTML, CSS, or HTTP server and database server. So developing desktop applications is much easy for most of developers. And it will also increase the speed of new products. You know speed is one of the most important factor of new web applications. So desktop applications to web applications converting is an acceptable way for web applications.

And Java2Script is originally designed for such a developing ways. Java2Script is not aiming to provide a JavaScript library so that you can write your JavaScript codes much easier. What Java2Script is trying to provide is a tool help developers to develop web applications in a Java way, or in a desktop way. If this way is not a 100% pure way, we do want it to be 90% pure, which may help developers to write and debug their codes in a their much more familiar way.

In simple, Java2Script is providing tools not libraries.

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