“Inside Java2Script” is a Book

Hi, this blog is about a book “Inside Java2Script“.

I would like to write the book as documentation of Java2Script technical details. It is another challenge for me, besides opening source Java2Script project. Because I am not a native English speaker, I am not quite good at English. Writing this book, I have to learn a lot. Besides those technologies of Java2Script, I must learn more about English syntax rules, how a book should be arranged, and how a book is published. Lots of unknown for me. If you are familiar with writing a book or know how to write a successful tutorial or an article, pleas be kind to give me some advices or point out my mistakes. You can reach me by email: zhourenjian at gmail dot com.

The content of “Inside Java2Script” will focus on how Java2Script is built up, why Java2Script is designed into that pattern, key technologies of Java2Script’s core and things that kernel developers would like to know. How to use Java2Script or demo of Java2Script may not be this book’s major focus. I hope that by this book, developers may know inside out how Java2Script is working. And I hope that developers may develop the key spirits into other technologies or projects.

Just stay tuned for more articles. I always like to hear your opinions.

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