About Inside Java2Script

Java2Script, after Java2Script was opened source for about one and a half year, documentation is becoming more and more important for its community, especially when Java2Script’s community is still very small. But currently, as lacking of developers and contributors, Java2Script is poor documented. The tutorials are out of date, and API documents are out of date. There are no forces to push documentation forward.

After some deep thoughts about Java2Script, I decided to write a book for Java2Script, called “Inside Java2Script”. This book, in original goal, should be a book to be sold. But it may result in an e-book without being published in papers. But I try to work out this book. At least it will be a valuable document for Java2Script technology.

Writing a book is not an easy job for me. Yet, I have never written a book in Chinese, my mother tongue yet. And now I am going to write a book in English, my foreign language. It may cost me times. If you would like to help me or give me advices, you are kind to contact me by email: zhourenjian at gmail dot com.

If you would like to donating your money for my efforts on open source Java2Script project, you can send money by PayPal to my account: zhourenjian at gmail dot com.

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